Equity Management Solutions: the other side of the cap table

1. The trend The past few years have seen the rise of private equity management software, mainly driven by the success of Carta (valued at $1.7B with an annual revenue run rate at $55M). The approach of most of these startups (Ledgy, Capshare, Capdesk, Equity Track just to name a few) is a top-down one as … Continue reading “Equity Management Solutions: the other side of the cap table”

B2B Privacy Tech: Landscape & Deep Dive

Before sharing the videos and the map, I would like to quickly touch on the scope of this landscape. My goal is simply to list the B2B tools (SaaS, APIs, SDKs…) which enable businesses to build privacy-friendly & compliant products. This is why you won’t find the myriad of crypto/blockchain projects that aim at replacing … Continue reading “B2B Privacy Tech: Landscape & Deep Dive”