MemoHub: virtual portfolio builder and learning platform for aspiring VCs

The GitHub for aspiring VCs

MemoHub is a platform made for aspiring VCs (students, employees or anyone with no previous experience in the VC industry) where you can learn the basics of the analyst job (a.k.a finding and screening new companies) and build your first virtual investment portfolio (virtual as there is no real financial transaction happening). Both of which will, hopefully, increase your chances of landing an internship or a first job in a VC firm.

The idea of MemoHub came from my four years working at Point Nine Capital during which I very regularly received requests from people who wanted to enter the VC industry. And every time it was frustrating because I could only judge people’s ability and motivation through their resume or Linkedin profile. Which is not enough. 

Developers can share the code they wrote during their spare time on their GitHub profile, inexperienced marketers can add the blog posts they wrote or the growth hacks they conducted for their personal projects on their resume. But for aspiring VCs, I didn’t have such tools to assess their potential. Hence the idea for MemoHub (you get the inspiration for the name :-)).

MemoHub Profile: a virtual portfolio builder

The first component of MemoHub is a virtual portfolio builder called MemoHub profile. The concept is very simple: you add startups to your MemoHub profile by writing short company memos (showing your analytical skills) and the tool automatically tracks several metrics that surface your investment thesis/scope, your favorite stages and the amount of money raised by your portfolio following your sourcing (this metric is definitely more for fun than a performance indicator).

Similar to coding, marketing or sales skills, I believe that sourcing and screening startups are a craft that you need to learn and practice. And the good thing is, you don’t need to be in a VC firm to start working on your craft: just regularly write short memos on the startups you find exciting. If people who have contacted me had come with such a profile, it would have been a hundred times easier for me to assess their potential.

MemoHub Academy: learn the basis of the analyst job

The second component is a four weeks online training program during which you’ll learn the basics of the analyst job (finding and screening new companies) and start building your MemoHub profile. 

The program is designed to be very practical and by the end of the four weeks, you’ll have written your first memos on your MemoHub profile. From that point, it’s up to you to continue filling it and adding it to your resume when you look for your first experience in a VC firm.

You’ll find more info about the program and its price on the Academy page.

MemoHub won’t make you a real VC

Last but not least, I want to insist on the fact that MemoHub will not make you a real VC. The aim of the tool is simply to provide you with the basis on which you can start building your craft and, hopefully, help you enter the VC industry.

The VC job is very deep and there’s a ton of aspects that you’ll only be able to learn during your career such as assessing teams, conducting due diligence, supporting entrepreneurs, negotiating deals, participating in boards, fund management and much more.